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New contract for complete fire alarm upgrades on senior lodges.
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Current projects

Fire alarm upgrade in 5 senior lodges across Alberta

Project Institutional

Contractor: Alberta Social Housing Corporation

Complete upgrade of fire alarm systems on 5 senior lodges, without any service interruption.

JusFruit - Heritage London - Calgary

Project Commercial

Contractor: Westcorp Construction

Complete tenant improvement electrical work, structured cabling and fire alarm update.

75 Sage Hill NW Base building #14 - Calgary

Project Commercial

Contractor: Carbon Constructors

 Base building electrical work, underground electric power and telecom feeders.

Ivari Insurance - New office - Calgary

Project Commercial

Contractor: Westcorp Construction

 Complete tenant improvement of new office. Structured cabling, fire alarm, all electrical work.

Eagle View Lodge - Sprinkler system upgrade - Myrnam

Project Institutional

Contractor: Krawford Construction

 Tie-up of new sprinkler system to fire alarm existing system

Childrens Link society new office


Contractor: Westcorp Construction

Tenant improvement of 2 200 sf office space at London West Retail in Calgary

Petland Canada

Project Commercial

Contractor: Owner

Maintenance all across the province of Alberta


Calgary and Edmonton stores revamp + new stores

Kahanoff centre Calgary

Project Commercial

Contractor: Westcorp and owner

Annual maintenances

London at Heritage Calgary


Contractor: Westcorp Construction Management Inc.

Annual maintenance, London at Heritage phase 3 parkade, private garages access control, Building 1,2,7 & 500, Parkade LED retrofit, thermal inspection, fire alarm inspections, emergency lighting inspections, sprinkler inspections