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New contract for complete fire alarm upgrades on senior lodges.
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Welcome to the SCE Electric Western Canada Ltd. website.
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Achievements and customers

Achieving all our projects is based on the involvement of all the members of the SCE Electric team. The success of our projects comes from the expertise, efforts and hard work of all the team.

Our customers trust allows us to accomplish our duties by using our KNOW HOW and our COMPETANCE. Electricity is an industry in which we EXCELL because of our love of this profession. Without you, there would be no projects to complete. Thanks to you, SCE Electric is a healthy growing enterprise.

Thank you to all our customers for their continuous support since 2006.

A very special appreciation goes to the customers who have participated in the making of our corporate video. Your positive comments and heartfelt words concerning us are very encouraging and give us a great pride. We will always make sure we surpass ourselves with only one objective in mind: Our customer’s satisfaction.

From all of us thank you!

We invite you to visualize some of our achievements by choosing one of the following sectors of activity.

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