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New contract for complete fire alarm upgrades on senior lodges.
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Company profile - Historic

In February 2002, Steve cote and Bertrand Lussier were starting their Company by helping to implement a regional division of a well- know electrical company. The beginning was challenging: making ourselves know, meet with different regional collaboration, promote the business, built their team.

After several months of hard work, time invested and patients, Steve Cote and Bertrand Lussier became, thanks to their team and colleagues, a winning team of electricians in their fields.

In August 2006, a third partner, Eric Provencal, joins the team and they created SCE Electrique inc.

They all invested their time and energy on business plans, market surveys, financial projections, contract searches, purchasing of equipment and fleet and development of their corporate image.

In retrospect, we are convinced that we can be proud of our accomplishments and that we have become a reference in our field.

In October 2007, we started a division in Alberta, In Western Canada.

Jonathan Dumont joins the company as Western Development associate.

In November 2011, we created a new division, Sce Technologies. We now offer a complementary technological service to our customers. Our technological support will help find new solution via SCE Technologies division.

In May 2012, we opened a new branch SCE Western Canada Ltd. Our experience in Alberta grew rapidly and we decided it was time to create a distinct enterprise for the Albertan Market. Jonathan Dumont then became share holder of SCE Western Electric Canada Ltd.